My story : Bokang Kwadi

My name is Bokang Kwadi, but you can call me Beekay. I hail from a small village in Limpopo called Lekurung. I am a qualified Aeronautical Engineer and Drone Pilot, but my career path took an unexpected turn when I landed a job in the Supply Chain department at Aerosud, an aircraft manufacturing company.

My passion for aeronautics and engineering began during high school when I had the opportunity to fly model aircraft. It was then that I met an Aeronautical Engineer who became my mentor and inspired me to pursue this field. My enthusiasm was further ignited when I attended the GFPA aviation camp in 11th grade, where I discovered the limitless opportunities available in the aviation and aerospace industry. After graduating from high school, I enrolled in the Aeronautical engineering program at Wits University, where I dedicated myself to gaining an in-depth understanding of the field. During my studies, I volunteered as a mentor for girls at an aviation and aerospace camp, which significantly impacted my life. My goal was to inspire other learners to pursue careers in this field.

In my final year of engineering, I stumbled upon a position in the supply chain department at Aerosud and recognised it as a valuable opportunity for growth and development. I decided to take the leap and use it as a stepping stone into the company. Fast forward two years, and I’m now the Procurement Manager at the company. I enjoy hanging out with friends and flying drones to capture cool videos in my free time.

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