We have crafted innovative programmes and initiatives to unlock the opportunities that STEAM, which focuses on the aviation and aerospace technology industry, offers youth, young girls, and Women in Africa.

The programmes include design thinking, technology, and innovation to shape, empower, enable, and support the next generation of makers and problem solvers in Africa’s aviation and aerospace industry while entrenching the spirit of Ubuntu. Our programmes have been designed to encourage teamwork, curiosity, critical thinking, courage, collaboration, and creativity. Visit our event page for programme dates.


Our awareness and excitement programmes and campaigns are designed to increase awareness and opportunities in the industry while reducing gender bias and reshaping social norms.

The main goal is to ignite the interest of the youth, girls and women in the aviation and aerospace industry by providing access to role models, mentors, and educational resources. We strive to create a supportive environment that inspires excitement and curiosity about these fields.

The programmes include the Girls Fly Africa campaign, a Toolkit for schools & organisations, and Career workshops.


Our skills and capability programmes provide training and educational resources to help youth, girls, and women develop their skills and capabilities to succeed in STEAM.

We offer access to various courses, workshops, and camps to support the youth, girls, and women in building their knowledge and expertise in the industry. Our comprehensive programmes provide multiple opportunities for learning and development and mentoring to support participants in building their capabilities and achieving their career goals. The programmes include Aero-Tech Camp, Aero-Tech Job Shadowing, and Aero-Tech Workshops.

Aerotech Education

The Aerotech education includes the Innotech hub, E-learning platform, and Post-school education programmes. The Innotech hub provides an interactive environment where learners can work with technology, bring ideas to life and solve problems. The age-appropriate curriculum includes computer programmes, innovative hands-on devices, and simulators. The E-learning platform adopts a holistic approach to education, emphasising academic and professional growth and preparing learners for success in the aviation and aerospace industry. The programme includes several components, including a skills development program providing practical skills and knowledge through hands-on training and workshops. The post-school initiative offers a scholarship programme to support deserving students facing financial barriers to accessing the training and the mentorship programme, where experienced mentors work closely with students, providing insights into their respective industries and helping them develop a career plan that aligns with their interests and aspirations.


The resource hub includes aviation and aerospace career information, institutions & opportunity listings, and a job & career portal. Our comprehensive Job and Career Advancement Programme is designed to help our students confidently navigate the job market’s complexities. Our programmes offer personalised career counselling, job search strategies, assistance with CV and cover letter writing, interview preparation and much more. We also provide access to invaluable career information, such as industry insights, salary trends, and job market analysis, to help our students make informed decisions about their career paths. Additionally, our programme connects students with a vast network of employers, recruiters, and industry professionals, providing them exclusive access to job opportunities and career events.


Creating a community is critical to supporting the youth, girls and Women in the Aviation and Aerospace industry.

To achieve this objective, we have established a network that consists of our donors, & partners, friends of the organisation, volunteers and alums. Our community network aims to provide a supportive environment that recognises and celebrates women’s achievements, encourages participation, and amplifies their impact. These initiatives include networking events, educational opportunities, ongoing personal and professional development, and mentorship programmes.



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Girls Fly Africa is a non–profit and public benefit organisation.

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